New Information PS removes Lungu news from ZNBC, removes manager from ‘wrong’ tribe

New Information PS removes Lungu news from ZNBC, removes manager from ‘wrong’ tribe

Chanda Kasolo

Chanda Kasolo

The succession battle in Patriotic Front (PF) took a new turn on Friday when the government-owned and controlled Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation removed footage of PF Secretary-General Edgar Lungu from the main news, ZNBC sources have disclosed.

“The Secretary General (Edgar Lungu’s) story was on the news line-up,” ZNBC sources said. “However, the Permanent Secretary of Information Mr Chanda Kasolo came in and told us to remove it.”

Apparently, Mr. Kasolo felt that airing Lungu’s story from Blue Nile Lodge where he addressed cadres regarding the meeting on Monday would contradict the story citing Dr Guy Scott about the Monday meeting.

Yesterday, Mr Lungu held a meeting at Blue Nile where he disclosed that a meeting of the Central Committee would convene on November 17, 2014 to discuss the way forward on the succession race.

Kasolo has been sent to the Information Ministry from Luapula to tamper with the news and remove any news that may portray Edgar Lungu in good light in preference for news covering Dr Guy Scott and Miles Sampa, sources say.

When a vacancy occurs in the presidency, the Acting President is not allowed to make any changes or transfer. But clevery, Guy Scott used Secretary to cabinet to make the trnsfers.

Kasolo has also directed that ZNBC news manager Nkamu Nkamu be removed from his position saying “these people with wrong tribes must not occupy sensitive positions in the corporation,”

Kasolo has annoyed EU diplomats by insisting that only one person from each political party must speak. His first act as PS was to announce that he has invited political parties to submit a name of one person to speak. This is the worst form of censorship since the end of the one party dictatorship in 1991.

Meanwhile, other sources say Chanda Kasolo and his brother Anthony Kasolo are already embroiled in bitter dispute over President Sata’s estate by attempting to disposes the First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba-Sata and children of the right to the late President’s estate.

Anthony Kasolo resigned from the Attorney General’s Chambers in 2008 after he was arrested for murder of his brother in law.

With the alleged help of Solicitor General Sunday Nkonde, the murder charge was dropped.
In 2008 Anthony s brother – in – law was found dead in a field in Kabulonga. Anthony Kasolo was picked and detained as a murder suspect. He was an attorney at Legal Affairs and Sunday Nkonde tried hard to supress the case.

Kasolo tried to say that he was being persecuted because of his relation with Sata. But his own wife and another brother in law were key witnesses. The victim’s phone was found with Kasolo. His marriage broke down because this case.

It’s because of this case that Sata never gave Kasolo any job as a diplomat or Permanent Secretary.

Every time Kasolo asked for a job,Sata would say “mwalishiba ilyashi lyenu na bakashi benu” meaning you have unresolved matters with your wife.

Currently Kasolo is manoeuvring to dispossess First Lady of assets and he has been asking for details of Sata’s Trust with a view to challenge it in court.

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