New load shedding timetable senseless

I am a resident of Nkana East, Kitwe. In Nkana East, power is loadsheded from 17hrs to 22hrs daily. This period of loadsheding (17hrs-22hrs) is not economical to some of us who work. Personally, I knock off at 17hrs and when I return home, there is no power so I am forced to buy charcoal and candle.
It is so painfull to come back from work, you are stupidly tired & you wana relax as you watch Euro yet there is no power so you gotta live in darkness. It could have been better if loadsheding in residential areas, merely occured during day time so that when people knock off from work in the evening, there is power. It makes a lot of Sence when you knock off from work, you just lie in a chair & listen to news, watch a romantic movie or something mwaishiba ka?
When I heard about the all reduced loadsheding thing, I got so excited thinking that, we will be having power everyday at 18hrs. Looking at our previous loadsheding patern here in Nkana East, power used to go at 14hrs and restored at 22:hours. Now, my thinking was, since PF has reduced hours of loadsheding, we will have no power from 14hrs-18hrs daily but to my surprise, that wasn’t the case because PF cadres working for Zesco had to make sure that even the loadsheding patern changes to the level whereby, power goes at 17hrs daily so that darkness continues in our homes & no one watches Z-world. I am even behind kutuma film twaku Z-world & telemundo since this all loadsheding lungu started.
In conclusion, I just wana say no significance will be felt on the so called ‘reduced number of loadshedding’ if people have to live in the dark when they knock off from work.

Jeraboh Representative

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