New minister of health makes changes to ministry

New minister of health makes changes to ministry

New Minister of Health Jonas Chanda has effected further changes in the Health Sector.

Minister Chanda has abolished 10 directorates at the Ministry of Health.

He has also dissolved the boards of Medical Stores Ltd and Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority(ZAMRA).

Dr. Chanda had also cancelled all Honeybee supply Contracts.

Here are the full changes:

1. Medical stores Limited (MSL) has transitioned into Zambia Medical Supplies Agency (ZAMSA). This means the MSL board is with immediate effect dissolved and non existent. A new ZAMSA board will be appointed in due course.

It also entails the procurement of function of all medical supplies will no longer be under the Ministry of Health and will now be carried out by ZAMSA.

2. ZAMRA Board has been Dissolved.

3. Ministry of health will be restructured and the number of directorates reduced from the current 17 to 07.

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