New payroll sytem detects ghost workers

Public Service Management Division (PSMD) Director, Ackim Sakala says government had to do away with the old legacy payroll system because of loopholes that included ghost workers on the payroll.

Mr Sakala said after realizing such shortcomings, government came up with a more smart Payroll Management and Establishment Control (PMEC) system which went live in 2004 after successfully migrating some employees from the legacy payroll.

He said the legacy payroll had more employees on the payroll than what was provided for by the establishment while in some cases some employees were awarded allowances they did not deserve, a situation that had implications on the wage bill.

Mr Sakala said this during the launch of Solwezi PMEC office by Management Development Division (MDD) Permanent Secretary, Ngosa Chisupa in Solwezi yesterday.

Mr Sakala as a result the PMEC was introduced to among others, implement an enhanced and integrated centralized computerized system for controlling the establishment and the payroll.

He said currently there are 258 payroll areas live on the PMEC system with approximately 140,000 employees existing on the payroll.

Mr Sakala added that over 700 end-users have been trained to manage the system while about 300 managers from various government ministries, institutions and provinces have been sensitized on the operation of the system and the system has been decentralized to some provinces

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