New PF angry with Kambwili for declaring presidential ambitions

New PF angry with Kambwili for declaring presidential ambitions

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 12.37.59Presidential ambitions by Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Chishimba Kambwili were on Saturday strongly admonished by the Central Committee which feels that such desires could easily fragment the ruling party that is healing from its transitional differences, according to the Daily Nation.
The Daily Nation is funded by president Edgar Lungu and Kaizer Zulu. It is part of the anti-Bemba leadership in PF. The anti Bemba leadership in PF is sponsored by former President Rupiah Banda and spearheaded by Lucky Mulusa, Lungu’ special assistant for ‘projects’. See the Rupiah anti Bemba project here 
‘Sources within the Central Committee have disclosed to the Daily Nation that there was a unanimous call that Mr Kambwili, who did not attend the meeting, should be admonished for declaring his presidential ambitions when President Edgar Lungu had not even started serving his own term of office.

‘The sources revealed that members of the Central Committee were not pleased with Mr Kambwili’s open declaration of his ambitions and asked President Lungu to censure him because they wanted unity and peace within the party,’ reads the story in the Daily Nation.

The truth is that the story was given to Richard Sakala by Michael Kaingu, the education minister. He is part of the Rupiah Banda movement.

According to the Daily Natio, Kambwili was told that the country had a leader in President Lungu and that there was stability in the party which should be protected and encouraged by all members.
“The central committee rounded up Mr Kambwili for declaring his presidential ambitions but President Lungu restrained them. The central committee members told President Lungu that they did not care whether Mr Kambwili was only going to contest the presidency in 2022 because of what the ruling party went through after the death of president Michael Sata. The PF was brought to the brink of collapse during the transition period but now the country has a leader in President Lungu and there is stability in the party,” the source said.
The sources said the central committee members have warned that they would not tolerate indiscipline because the party would want President Lungu’s mandate to be respected. They said President Lungu was told that some members of the party would may have to be evicted from Government because they were exhibiting traits of truancy. “The President has been calling for peace and unity in the party and we are expected to sing the same chorus from the same page,” the sources said.

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