New PS at information is member of Sata’s family forest

New PS at information is member of Sata’s family forest

Wamunyima Muwana

Wamunyima Muwana

New Permanent Secretary at the ministry of information and broadcasting is also a member of president Michael Sata’s family forest.

On Monday October 27, 2013, Sata made his frequent, unnecessary but costly changes to government officers by chasing Emmanuel Mwamba from the ministry of Information and dumping him at cabinet office in the ‘same capacity’.

He replaced him with Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) assistant director Wamunyima Muwana.

But like the Post newspaper wrote many years ago, Sata is a shameless old man who can never do anything on principle. He can never do anything where there is no direct benefit for him and or his family. He runs a government full of his relatives and most of them unfit and unqualified for the job. Blood relationship to Sata or his wife is a key qualification for appointment.

Yesterday’s appointment is just one of the examples.

Wamunyima Muwana, the new PS is a married to Chilanga District Commissioner Edith Muwana.

Edith Muwana is a blood niece of Sata’s wife Christine Kaseba.

During indepence celebrations in 2012, Wamunyima Muwana was one of the people Sata honoured with the ‘president’s medal for meritorious achievement.’

What he achieved was never revealed but maybe it is for marrying Kaseba’s niece.



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