New RDA boss Mushota was fired from same RDA for corruption

New RDA boss Mushota was fired from same RDA for corruption

The new Road Development Agency (RDA) boss Charles Mushota was fired from the same agency for corrupt activities.

Charles Mushota

Charles Mushota

Ailing dictator Michael Sata has appointed Mushota as new director for the RDA, which, Sata runs from his bedroom at State House – when he is around.

On September 21, 2010, the RDA board fired Mushota and then Chief Executive Officer Erasmus Chilundika for corruption.

Others fired at the same time were Stephen Malubila, former senior manager planning Stephen Malubila and a Daniel Mulonga.

Charles Mushota was then Manager for Construction. They were fired after donors threatened to withdraw funding to the RDA due to the corruption perpetrated by Mushota and his colleagues.

When he announced the decision to fire the four in 2010, former RDA board chairperson Luambe Mondoloka said the four were first sent on forced leave based on consideration of the Auditor Generals report covering the period 2005 to 2008.

“Other reasons that have been cited for the action include: the parliamentary Accounts Committee (PAC) recommendations regarding the disregard for the 2008 Annual Work Plan resulting in over commitment of the Zambian Government K1 trillion, the non observance of Acts governing the sector, procurement irregularities and unsubstantiated payments to contractors,” he said.

Later it emerged that there was dubious shortlisting of contractors for the construction and upgrading of the urban roads at a cost of K167billion.

The contract was terminated in 2009 but RDA wanted to sign another contract with a company called Asphalt Roads run by Joseph Mwewa who was a Director at Roads Department and Reubex respectively.

He was charging K5billion per Kilometer  which, donors and other stake holders said was day light robbery.

Kanyunka Mumba who was the Manager Planning and Charles Mushota who was Manager Construction are the ones pushing for this job viciously.

Now Mushota is back at RDA as Chief Executive Officer thanks to president Michael Sata who is allergic to corruption..

Twalya again for sure.

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