New school Curriculum being rushed

Dear Editor,

Please for the sake of security HIDE MY IDENTITY.
My worry is on the New Curriculum government has decided to introduce in all schools without consultation from the teachers and parents. My worries are as follows;
1. The new curriculum introduces new subjects at Junior Sec School which I feel will not be implemented because most basic schools do not have the required material and trained a staff. Eg compulsory computer studies when 80% of teachrs in rural Zambia do not know how to use computers and the computers are not available not talking about the lack of power.

2. The use of Zambian Languages as a medium of instruction from grades 1 to 4 will create problems for pupils who transfer between places with different Local language. We cannot implement this as a country because we have 80 plus languanges spoken.

3. Why include Chinese as an optional language when there are no colleges training teachers in teaching Chinese. I feel firstly we should have trained teachers in languages like Chinese and portueguese before implementing it.

4. The two career pathways at Junior Sec School will need certification by TEVETA yet most teachers do not have the required skills to teach the pupils meaning most students will fail

5. No syllabus has been made available yet we have to implement this on January 13th.

I feel government is rushing in doing this. Its good but much preparatory work needs to be done.
Am requesting government to consider delaying implementation until say 2015 and use this time to put the logistics in place.


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