New school curriculum promotes tribalism

I am from Chinsali. I only came to Lusaka to work as a teacher. This week we were told to start teaching in Chewa, which I and my fellow teachers do not even understand. So how are we supposed to teach the children in a language we do not understand? Is government planning to organise courses for teachers to understand the new language ofinstruction first or what?
I am Bemba myself but I think the PF government made a mistake. What we are told is that this was a scheme to introduce Bemba in all schools in urban areas but they grew cold feet at the last minute as they feared public reaction.
This idea is very bad and segregative to teachers. It promotes tribalism. It means for example that only Lozi teachers can teach in Western province, Tongas in Southern and Bembas in Northern, Luapula and Muchinga. But this will suppress indigenous languages on the Copperbelt as they will impose a language which is not local but maybe spoken by many people. Sata will destroy thus country. Just saying. My job is at stake because I can’t teach now?????

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