New UNZA degree classification system bad

New UNZA degree classification system bad

Senate at UNZA is very poor in making decisions, they revised and implemented the grading and degree classification system without informing the student populace.

The implementation of GPA grading and degree classification system is a good idea but how you decide to implement it is what matters.

Making this start working on the current intake that has just heard of it now, when they are writing their final exams is unfair. It shows how this senate don’t consider the views of students when they are making these decisions.

Thinking of it, they always count points starting from third year and this is what the current students who are hoping to graduate early next have always known, and now if they say they will be starting from first to fourth year, and again increase the degree classification is killing people because most of them will graduate with silents when they actually were about to graduate with credit or merit. It also means getting a distinction is almost an impossible thing to do. Look at the previous grading system starting with those that graduated last year, how many graduated with distinctions (very few), and then u decide to raise the gradings without doing a research and involving students themselves.

UNZA Lecturers and those in senate have to know they are employed to serve the public by teaching these students and now if u don’t inform them in your decisions what comes out of them???

An example I can give is when they decided to install banker beds in these small rooms at Unza, this affected students badly in many areas, they didn’t do a research and never engaged the student populace instead they just started installing these banker beds without hearing the views of students, this is not football where u would be playing us, kicking us from every angle of the pitch.

I suggest that they start this on the students that will start next year, the (2019/2020) intake, they should orient them and emphasize on this…. they will know from the start that they will be making points from first year till they graduate. Let them reverse this, they didn’t consult us..

Concerned Students

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