New Zaf boss stops rental payments to Chimese

New Zaf boss stops rental payments to Chimese

ZAF Commander David Muma has ordered an immediate halt to the payment of rentals to former ZAF Commander  Eric Chimese whose the “Chief” Landlord to the Air force senior officers.
He has several structures in Salama Park, Ndeke Meanwood, Lilayi, Makeni in Lusaka and Livingstone.
He is currently building over 15 flats along Lusaka Road in Livingstone. Lt Gen Muma has also directed that officers travelling out of Livingstone should no longer book at his lodge.
Sources close to Lt Gen Chimese have told the Watchdog that he feels his former deputy is being vindictive, petty and too excited.
Lt Gen Chimese also wants to know how Lt Gen Muma managed to construct the plush 360 Degrees Conference Centre near ZAF Twin Palm.
“These two ZAF thieves won’t stop pointing fingers at each other as to who stole how much and building where. I think they know each other too well. Former Chief of Finance Brig. Gen Newton Chitambo also sold out his former boss Lt. Gen Chimese to investigators from OP, DEC and ACC. But somehow, the new Commander has brought sanity to ZAF,” a top placed source said recently.

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    Chileshe Musonda 8 hours ago

    There is no honour among thieves! But ALL of this massive looting  from the state will be exposed when a properly, democratically constituted government after PF comes into power. Nothing is permanent except change. We shall see.

  • comment-avatar
    Black Sabath 6 days ago

    Zambians and their shithole country with their leaders who are in power to steal and to have many concubines whom they undress under wears. This world my Brothers and sisters,eish!

  • comment-avatar
    Blago 7 days ago

    Messed up country. What is sad is that people still vote for these thieves.

  • comment-avatar
    Kanji Pauls 7 days ago

    It makes me wonder if we have a Commander-in-Chief at all

  • comment-avatar
    tasman 7 days ago

    Do we have a president in this country?

  • comment-avatar
    samlindo 7 days ago

    corruption fought with kid Gloves, Period

  • comment-avatar
    CHIMESE 7 days ago

    simuzani kwanisa atase fuck all of you mbolo

  • comment-avatar

    I thought officers in these services are supposed to be thoroughly investigated before they are given high positions. Rumours of ownership of 360 Degrees Convention Centre have been there for a long time. How come the investigative wings did not catch that before submitting the name to the appointing authority? What does all this say about the fight against corruption?