Newly constructed Kitwe-Ndola dual carriage develops potholes

Motorists on the newly constructed Ndola-Kitwe dual carriage way have complained of poor workmanship by the company as the road has already started developing potholes causing fatal accidents.

The road is one of those that were corruptly awarded by Willie Nsanda’s Roads Development Agency (RDA) where he is alone in the board but reports directly to president Michael Sata at State House.

While Sata keeps singing about piecework jobs created in the so-called infrastructure development, one thing not being told to the people is that there is massive corruption in the awarding of tenders to contractors.

The corruption has led to most contractors not caring about the quality of works because the projects will still be corruptly certified.

Besides, most of the contractors have been negatively affected by the free falling Kwacha against major currencies as the cost of materials has more than doubled beyond the originally quoted figures, thereby compromising on the quality of works.

Motorists using the road now say the tar that was removed was probably still far better than what has now been put.

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