Newly found public media freedom?

Dear Isaac ,

I notice that you have abandoned your new found press freedom as delivered to you by Hon Given Lubinda at the Dawn of the PF government sometime last year.

I know very well that the Government has not gone back on it’s’s  just that we are dealing with same human beings who are drunk with misplaced loyalty to the Government at the expense of objectivity.

I know very well Isaac,that in your midst,you are harbouring an overzealous Editor who is twisting stories from junior reporters.

Now that is dangerous my dear brother.

It’s very sad to note that your new management at Daily Mail has adopted the usual out dated negative approach to the opposition Parties and it’s Leadership.You can only give positive coverage to the opposition when they agree with your appointing Autharity.And demonise them when they take different position on matters of National interest.

You seem to respect at all times,only one source.and that is your appointing authority.I know very well that you can take a Lion out of the jungle,but you can not take the jungle out of the Lion.This is your dilemma are now stuck with old bad habits from UNIP and later on MMD.You continue to mislead the PF that all is well and the opposition does not exist,so continue messing around.

It’s your Daily Mail that messed up Mr Sata as an opposition Leader. Michael is-now President of Zambia.Are you not ashamed as a Company full of Cheats.Micheal has state power to day.He is now a darling of Daily Mail.What a chic Isaac?

My advise to you all at Daily Mail is that, please give the opposition the necercery coverage even when you not approve or believe in their massages.Allow the Zambian people to read about their Political leaders without your censorship.

Don’t choose for Zambians as to what they must know or not to know. Give the people of Zambia a full meal of News and Ivents.

NAREP President demanded the resignation of the Current DPP. But, because you want to please your appointing Authority,you cover Mr Chipimo in the manner that has to be seen to be positive to the Government.Please learn to call a spade a spade and not a shovel. What will free you is factual and correct reporting and not malice coupled with innuendoes.

Is it the agenda of the public media to mislead successful Governments into complaisance and inertia by making them read nice stories in your dailies, only to turn against them when power changes hands? My foot!

Please make positive use of your new found freedom. You might just lose it sooner. Are you still playing the self censorship card, Isaac?

My Kind Regards,
Brebner Changala.
Street Editor.

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