Newly recruited civil servants in Luampa starving

Newly recruited government workers in the newly created Luampa district in Western province have not yet been put on government payroll.

Luampa Acting District Commissioner Mwanangombe Musokotwane complained that his office was facing challenges of feeding the civil servants who are not yet on government payroll among them drivers and office orderlies from various departments in the district.

Mr Musokotwane said the majority of the affected government workers were coming from different places where they could not go and get food adding that they don’t have relatives in Luampa in order to be assisted.

He said agent measures should be sought by the provincial administration in Mongu so that those civil servants who are not yet on government payroll will not face starvation.

But Provincial minister Josephine Limata says the civil servants should show love and work even if they are not paid.

Addressing civil servants in Luampa at a meeting held in the Evangelical church in Zambia chapel on Monday, Limata  urged over 70 civil servants to show love, unity, respect and support the government of the day in order to foster development in Luampa district.

She said government workers should not despair as the Patriotic Front government was in a hurry to work and bring the much needed development to Luampa and the entire Western province.

Ms Limata said President Michael Sata has shown great love for the poor people of Western province by creating nine more districts that has seen many people employed resulting in more money in people’s pockets.


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