Ngalande charged with attempting to assassinate Lungu

Ngalande charged with attempting to assassinate Lungu

Police have charged Mwangala Ngalande with attempting to assassinate President Edgar Lungu

Mr Ngalande appeared in the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court on allegations of procuring weapons to assassinate President Edgar Lungu and some senior goverment officials.
Mwangala Nkonde Ngalande is accused of plotting to assassinate including defence chiefs, defence minister, Chief Justice Irene Mambilima, the National Assembly Speaker and deputy Speaker.

Mr. Ngalande has since been charged with one count of treason accompanied by three overt Acts.
It is alleged that between August 1, 2019 and December 1, 2019 in Lusaka jointly and whilst acting together with other persons unknown endavoured to overthrow by unlawful means the Government of the Republic of Zambia as established by the law.
And according to Overt Act 1, Ngalande between August 1 2019 and December 1, 2019 in Lusaka conspired with Simon Njobvu to procure military equipment namely AK47 Assault Riffles, pistols and rocker propelled grenades for the purpose of assassinating Edgar Chagwa Lungu the Republican President and other senior Government officials who include service chiefs, minister of defence, Davies Chama, Chief Justice Irene Mambilima and Speaker of the National Assembly Dr Patrick Matibini and his deputy Catherine Namugala
In Overt Act no 2, Ngalande on the same date is alleged to have conspired with Njobvu to source for international funding and actually obtained 1.6 million United States dollars to be utilised in the over throwing of the Government of the Republic of Zambia.

It is further alleged in Overt Act 3 that on the same date, Ngalande jointly and whilst acting together with other persons unknown recruited 10 people for military training, a militia for the purposes of overthrowing the Government of the Republic of Zambia.
When the matter came up for explanation of the charge before Chief Resident Magistrate Lameck Mwale, Ngalande told the court that he understood the charge.
Magistrate Mwale, however informed him that he could not take plea as the charge he was facing was triable by the High Court after consent from the Director of Public Prosecution ( DPP ) was issued.
But before Mwale could adjourn the case, Ngalande’s defence lawyer Martha Mushipe applied for a premilinary inquiry (PI) pursuant to section 223 of the criminal procedure code (CPC ) to establish whether there is sufficient evidence to warrant the accused to be commited to the High Court for trial
Mushipe said according to the provisions of section 223, it was mandatory for the court to hold a Preliminary inquiry in cases like the one Ngalande was facing to establish whether there was truth in the allegations.
She said she was ready to proceed with the preliminary inquiry.
Mushipe also applied that the magistrate court directs the police or prison authorities to allow the lawyers access to the accused person.

She said Ngalande has been under custody of prison authorities since November 26, 2019 but lawyers have had limited access to the client to enable them obtain instructions.
Mushipe said Ngalande had been held in excommucado and has been taken to different police stations around the country.
She also told the court that even the few times lawyers had been granted access to Ngalande, it had been in the presence of police officers.
But State prosecutor Juvenalis Kamutondole in response said Mushipe has not demonstrated how the case had been delayed and urged the court not to entertain her application for the preliminary inquiry.
But magistrate Mwale granted the defence’s application as the privisions of the law requiring for the same was couched in
mandatory terms.
Magistrate Mwale advised the State to mobilize witnesses to testify in the preliminary inquiry.
He also said the accused had the right to legal representation and confidentiality while lawyers were obtaining instructions and directed the prisons authority to accord Ngalande such an opportunity in the interest of justice.
Magistrate has since adjourned the case to January 17, 2020 for mention and possible hearing of

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  • comment-avatar
    Sold For Peanuts 2 weeks ago

    The problem is not Lungu but extends to people in his government past and present. To be honest Zambia is fatigued from the monopoly of govt by the North, like RB, Lungu is just a puppet for the North and now rich puppet masters like Kalaba, Kambwili want to draw attention away from their deeds. We suffered under a Northern govt under Chiluba and we are now suffering again. Northern politicians change political parties and alliances like socks in search of what? South, East, West, Northwestern, unite to end Northern corruption.

    • comment-avatar

      That’s not the issue. The real issue is running the country properly. Chiluba always wanted a united country and was sensitive to representation of all parts of the country in his government despite his corruption.

    • comment-avatar

      Sold for Peanuts: Are u telling readers that if Lungu was from your tribe u would accept his govt despite the clearly bad way he is running the country? Surely not I believe.

  • comment-avatar
    Chisha Banda 2 weeks ago

    Even if I am not a lawyer it is easy to to see that the charges are fictitious. They will not stand in court. As usual the guilty ones are always afraid. PF is afraid of anything including its shadow because of what they are doing. We shall see how the trial goes because I can see that there will be drama in courts and some lawyers will look stupid.

  • comment-avatar
    MUNYENGE 2 weeks ago

    Ngalande is an agent of the devil and he should dance to the music now. That 1.6million dollars he received wont help him now, and by the time his case is finished he will be a moving coffin. The time he received that money he should have donated it to the PF and confessed that he was being influenced by the opposition party to assassinate the president.Now the hand of God always protects ECL and the covenant that Zambia has entered into with God with the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation will forever protect the head of state as no harm will come his way. May ECL enjoy good health and success as he continues to provide quality leadership in the nation.

    • comment-avatar

      It was Fredrick Chiluba who declared zambia a christian nation but this did not protect him from being prosecuted for corruption. People must learn fromm kk who continues to enjoy good health. He leads a humble christian life unlike your Lungu. There are so many zambians who want to see Lungu dead so dont bring in the opposition. This man acted on his own. If your plan is to drag HH in this, you are wasting your time

    • comment-avatar
      tobsy 2 weeks ago

      Quality leadership my arse… So many people want Lungu dead. Open your eyes. If it were quality leadership do you honestly think 2.3 million people would be going hungry under his leadership. We need a high powered rifle that can take him down 10 kilometers away and it will happen.

    • comment-avatar

      Iwe mune bushe ulalyamo mwa uyo wine uleti ECL…? Nga balakulishamo ikalafye tondolo pantu abantu balifulwa sana bakakuma ukalapila nokulapila. Keep quiet and put your tell between your two legs. That is my humble advise.. Abantu tabasekelamo iyoo. We chimbwi wee.