Ngambela Sinyinda rubbishes Times story that BRE has U-turned on secession (updated with press statement from Ngambela)

Ngambela Sinyinda rubbishes Times story that BRE has U-turned on secession (updated with press statement from Ngambela)

Barotseland Prime Minister Clement Sinyinda has rubbished reports that he and other people in Western province have rescinded their decision to secede from Zambia.

The government funded and edited Times of Zambia on Tuesday run a screaming headline purporting to be quoting Ngambela Sinyinda as saying that the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) has with immediate effect stopped any agitation for secession.

Without explaining where the interview took place, the Times of Zambia went on to claim that Sinyinda said the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) has instead opted for dialogue with the Government of Zambia in the interest of peace and national unity

But Ngambela Sinyinda told South Africa Broadcasting Corporation ( SABC)  Channel Africa the same Tuesday evening that he has no mandate to overturn the decision of the Barotse National Council.

Ngambela Sinyinda said he never even talked to any journalist or individual from Times of Zambia.

And the Barotse Freedom Movement has been explained the Ngambela is bound by the resolutions of the BNC and that only the BNC can reverse its decisions.

‘He (Nagmbela)  would not even dream of such a sudden change of heart without the mandate of the Barotse people in another BNC meeting. That is how we handle issue of national interest,’ explained Shuwanga Swuwanga of the BFM.

‘We would like to clearly point out that the resolutions taken at the recent BNC Conference never originated from the Barotse Royal Establishment or a particular individual that there could be an off the cuff change of plan by a single individual.

‘Honourable Clement Wainyae Sinyinda is a servant of the Barotse nation. As such, he cannot say anything on behalf of the Barotse people without full prior consultation. Any sane person can tell that the story for dialogue is just not true. Mr. Sinyinda would not stoop so low.

‘It should be understood that such a sudden “u-turn” is not possible given the distance we have covered as a nation to have had come up with those resolution. The people of Barotseland and the entire nation of Zambia must know that there are people who would like to put us in disarray. The news we have for such individuals is that we are united behind our Ngambela and are fully resolved on our decision.

‘We have been in limbo for far too long and we cannot just change heart simply because someone’s dream of being a father to a so called unitary state is being threatened. For 47 years we have been calling for dialogue over this issue and all that we have got back is marginalization and all kind of persecution that still happens even today.

The people of Egypt and Libya never called for dialogue with the governments which had killed them. The 14th January 2011 shootings and arrests blew away any need for sensible dialogue with Zambia. Please see the sense. No one even talks of compensating the the families who had their loved ones arrested, maimed or killed. This is pathetic,’ he said.

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