NGO proposes law to bar undemocratic parties from elections

The Community Watch AIDS Action Club (CWAAC) has appealed to the National Constitutional Conference (NCC) to consider adopting a clause that bars political parties which do not hold conventions from participating in any elections organized by the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ).

In a letter addressed to (NCC) Chairperson Chifumu Banda, dated September 17th 2009 and made available to ZANIS in Lusaka today, club Chairperson Mwanalushi Mwendapole said this said the move would help to promote intra party democracy and encourage tolerance of divergent views in political parties.

He said for democracy to be appreciated, the NCC needs to put in place remedial measures in the constitution which prevent people from hijacking political parties.

Mr. Mwendapole said his organization believes that political parties which use the excuse of not having sufficient funds to organize conventions have no capacity to manage the resources of the country.

Mr. Mwendapole said the organization is also requesting the NCC to consider the motion that Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) be regulated by the registrar of societies, the institution that approves the registration of political parties.

“Sir why is it that NGOs that abrogate their constitutions are deregistered while political parties are let Scot free, if this country is really a country of laws and not of men, please help bring sanity to the political arena.” The letter read in part.

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