NGO wants Ban Ki-Moon to apologise for asking Zambia to respect gay rights

NGO wants Ban Ki-Moon to apologise for asking Zambia to respect gay rights

Zambia Rainbow Coalition Press Statement on the Visit of the UN Secretary general to Zambia and his statement on Homosexuality in Zambia

We the Zambia Rainbow Coalition would like to urge the UN secretary general H.E Ban Ki Moon to reconsider his advocacy in Zambia for Homosexuals, and as Zambians we demand an apology for trying to force or knit into our cultural fiber vices that are offensive and not standing with our moral code as Zambians.  We would also like to urge him to concentrate his work with Zambia on development issues. As he rightly put in parliament we need development in involvement of Women and youth, reduction of poverty, halting and reversing HIV and AIDS, curbing Gender Based Violence, reducing infant and maternal mortality and not the pushing of homosexual issues.  We would appreciate if the huge amounts of money that are being spent on homosexual issues be directed to areas of priority for Zambia as well as building rehabilitation centers for LGBT.

Zambia is a country endowed with so many resources and has a bright future as an economic powerhouse of Africa now stands at the cross roads of embracing foreign culture in exchange for aid. This is MODERN DAY COLONIALISM.

It is with utter displeasure that we the Zambia Rainbow Coalition note that the historic visit of the UN Secretary general was to be an ambassador of Colonialism and not development. We would like to categorically state that in Zambia we have our own morals and culture and we believe that Homosexuality is not part of our culture.

We must categorically state that the quest for globalization in development is a phenomena for exchange of innovations and civilization and not cultures we therefore ask you to respect our culture just like we will expect you to respect all other cultures as well and in return you expect us to respect yours.

Homosexuality like all other mental diseases needs to be treated through an array of rehabilitative approaches. We as the Zambia Rainbow Coalition recognize that just as robbers, criminals, prostitutes and the mentally ill deserve to have rights as well as rights to rehabilitation and other social support networks. Homosexuals deserve the right to rehabilitation as well.

On the issue of human rights we believe that human rights are meant to protect the individual and any infringement on some ones right by another is a violation of human rights and in such a situation the rights of the majority take precedence. In Zambia homosexuality is an infringement to the rights of the majority of the country, as the Majority find it a digression from nature and any digression from nature deserves to be put on a rehabilitative path. For example if in a house one of the children is a prostitute a sensible house does not say well since it seems our daughter was born with a genetic pre disposition to prostitution, then we might as well turn this house into a brothel, the answer is a resounding NO. A decent parent looks to a path to help restore the prostitute to being a responsible and beneficial member of the household. Sir We the Zambia Rainbow Coalition an organization that believes in unity in diversity surely believes the money the world is wasting to the promotion of LGBT should be rightfully directed to the rehabilitation of these individuals who have digressed from nature. As has been said it’s a genetic pre disposition we must also say that it is said that some murderers have a genetic predisposition to committing murder and crime, it can also be said that prostitutes are born with a genetic predisposition to sleeping with multiple men/women in a night and find it normal. The other above named all receive rehabilitative measures, what is special with being born with defects in testosterone and progesterone and estrogen like the LGBT? They too need rehabilitation.

For your own information visit a group on Facebook called “Ban Ki Moon Visit to Zambia- NO Homosexual issues talk” to have a feel of how you have offended the people of this beautiful country.


Prepared by

Malekano Mwanza

Programs Director

Zambia Rainbow Coalition


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