NGO wants contract to print ballots in South Africa canceled

Anti Rigging Zambia has called on the Electoral Commission of Zambia to direct the cancellation of the contract with Universal Printing of South Africa for the printing of ballot papers for the forthcoming elections.

The demand is contained in letter to the ECZ Chairperson  signed by Anti Rigging Zambia Chairman Willie Mubanga and Legal Director Kelvin Bwalya. The letter is dated 29th July, 2011.

Anti Rigging Zambia said the prinintng of ballots by Universal Compnay of South Africa is of grave concern to other political parties especially that the MMD government is in the forefront of choosing a contractor when it is an interested party.

Klevin Bwalya  was a few weeks ago arrested by the Drug Enforcement Commission for bouncing a check.

Uniniversal Printing Company also printed the ballts for the 2006 general elections and 2008 presidential bye-election.

But Anti Rigging Zambia said the ECZ should cancel the contract with the South African printing company since no ballot papers have yet been printed as all political parties are still to declare their candidates.

The NGO stated that there is already suspicion of the contractor

Anti Rigging Zambia added that it will save tax payers money to have the ballots printed locally as well as empower Zambian companies and avoid what happened in 2008.

The letter has also been copied to all presidents of major political parties including the MMD.

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