Youthful NGO leader joins NAREP

Global Justice Zambia Executive Director John Phiri has resigned from the organization to join the newly launched National Restoration Party (NAREP).

According to Muvi TV, Mr. Phiri has also disclosed that he intends to contest Munali Constituency parliamentary seat in the forthcoming tripartite elections.

Mr. Phiri has called on young people in the country to rise up and be counted in the political circles. He adds that Zambia needs a calibre of leaders that will take care of the ordinary citizens. Mr. Phiri notes that the absence of war in the country is not a sign of peace saying that lack of adequate food and other necessities to the poor majority is what has placed the

nation at war. Meanwhile Opposition National Restoration Party (NAREP) says it will not take part in the Red Card Campaign or White Ribbon campaign. Party Vice President Charles Maboshe told Journalists that NAREP prefers to take part in events that are of value to the Zambian people. Some Civil Society Organizations have embarked on the Red Card Campaign against what they call poor governance and lack of political will in the fight against corruption.

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