NGOCC confronts ‘women abuser’ Chiti

NGOCC confronts ‘women abuser’ Chiti

NGOCC Confronts ‘women abuser’ Chiti

The Non-Governmental Organization Coordinating Committee(NGOCC) leadership took an impromptu action to confront Chitambala Mwewa of Simoson Building Property for conduct the organisation deemed demeans women.

Chitambala has become a social media sensation with his regular Facebook postings on his page Simon Mwewa Lane, about Keep Lusaka Clean, correct pronunciation of English words and his review of the TV telenova Zuba.

But in his latest posting about single-use plastics where he forced a clearly frightened woman selling water to be in his video and forced another woman, carrying a baby on the back to pick up litter she didn’t throw, has outraged people.

This morning NGOCC Secretariat, Zambia National Womens Lobby and Chiengi Member of Parliament Honourable Given Katuta confronted Mr Chitambala outisde a radio station where he was appearing on a radio breakfast show.

This was to express disgust at the degrading treatment Mr Simon Chitambala Mwewa (previously known as Brother Chiti) subjected a woman vendor a few days ago.

But the unrepentant Chitambala quickly posted another video in his defense and wrote;

“After my Radio interview on Love FM 104.1 this morning, I was ambushed by people from NGOCC while I was walking out of the Radio Station. I asked them to follow me to my office but they refused. They insisted on interviewing me on the premises of ONE LOVE RADIO.:

“I was asked to explain my video but they wouldn’t allow me to make my point.”

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