NGOCC joins condemnation of Post Newspaper closure by PF govt

The Non Governmental Organisations Coordinating Council (NGOCC) has joined local and international organisations that have expressed concern at the closure of the Post Newspaper by the PF government through the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA).
NGOCC Chairperson Sara Longwe has stated in a statement that it was clear that the decision by the revenue body has been motivated by some ulterior motive to stifle the Newspaper from publishing adding that the closure was an affront to press freedom.
‘While appreciating the need for corporates to pay taxes, the closure of the Post Newspaper is an affront to press freedom and is obviously against the greater good of the country,’ Longwe said.
She stated that the Post Newspaper and the media in general are integral to the country’s young democracy as the fourth estate pointing out that freedom of expression and press freedom are constitutional rights and the Post Newspaper has continued to provide a platform for many to express themselves.
Longwe said at this critical point as the country prepares to vote the media especially the Post Newspaper is playing an important role in educating and informing the electorates and the general public on decisions they will be making on the future of the country.
She noted that the Post Newspaper has provided a platform to all regardless of status and position in life in an environment where the public media is dominated by the ruling party.
‘The Post Newspaper has provided space for the opposition to reach out to the electorates and those with the contrary view to air their concerns. We therefore appeal to the Zambia Revenue Authority to engage the Newspaper and find an amicable solution,’ Longwe appealed.
She argued that closing the Newspaper was an injury to the citizens of Zambia as the paper has been a voice of reason including that of women and children through highlighting their concerns.
Longwe has urged those in leadership to be sensitive and avoid being misused by state institutions against their perceived opponents.
Several institutions and organisations have expressed concern on the closure of the Post among them the United Nations, European Union and the US government.

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