NGOCC saddened by killing of opposition supporters

NGOCCis deeply saddened by the reported indiscriminate shooting of civilians by the police. Our hearts bleed to see such blatant attacks on our soil. The seemingly increase in professional inadequacies by the police to manage political gatherings raise more questions than answers. As the women’s movement, we are deeply worried as to whether our men and women in uniform are really prepared to maintain zambia’s law and order in this highly charged political environment. The shooting dead of an identified female party member and others in the chawama UPND party procession is very unfortunate and uncalled for. The incident in question does not justify the amount of force used by the police. It’s a clear case of gross extra judicial killing and is totally unacceptable. This is a case that did not warrant opening fire on the unarmed marchers. The statement by the police command is unconvincing and a failed attempt to justify a total disregard of the lives of defenceless citizens. Our appeal is for the police to stop this brutality and selective application of security on innocent citizens. The situation, if left unchecked would degenerate into serious human rights violations and abrogation of law and order. NGOCC Executive Director Engwase Mwale

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