NGOCC tells parliament to withdraw retrogressive bill 10

NGOCC tells parliament to withdraw retrogressive bill 10

There was drama at Parliament on Friday afternoon when the Non Governmental Gender Organisations Coordinating Council (NGOCC) submitted that Bill 10 should be withdrawn to allow for consensus among citizens.

NGOCC submitted that Bill 10 should be withdrawn as it is retrogressive and has the potential to erode the Democratic gains the country has made.

However this unsettled some Committee members who started blackmailing the NGOCC delegation for taking this position.

The highly prejudiced Raphael Nakachinda led select Committee was unsettled by the NGO’s submission which had similar propositions with those made by Transparency International Zambia on Thursday.

Civil Society organisations including; NGOCC, TIZ, Action Aid, GEARS, Chapter One have developed a common position on Bill 10 after an analysis.
In its submission NGOCC submitted that the proposed amendments were retrogressive much to the annoyance of the PF stooges in the committee, Tutwa Ngulube and Sebastian Kopulande.
The lawmakers accused NGOCC of have submitted a similar position as that made by Transparency International Zambia.
“Why is it that your submission seems similar to that made by TIZ,” asked Kopulande and Ngulube almost in unison.

However, NGOCC Executive director Engwase Mwale explained that the civil society had conducted a joint analysis and had taken a common position on Bill.

She explained that civil society has a duty to speak for the majority Zambians.

“We as civil society after a careful analysis of the Bill have taken a common position on a number of issues,” she explained.

This however unsettled Ngulube further who even started threatening the organisation with possible prosecution for misleading the organisation. At this point the Nalikwanda MP, Prof Geoffrey Lungwangwa, asked the Committee Chair to make a ruling.

The Chair then asked NGOCC to leave the committee room and only called them back after close to two hours.

After the two hours the Committee asked NGOCC to leave because they had not disclosed that their presentation was developed collectively with other organisations.

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