Ngoma agrees with VJ that opposition should monitor tallying of votes

University of Zambia Lecturer Patrick Ng’oma has backed veteran Politician Vernon Mwaanga over his statement advising the opposition to closely monitor the tallying of votes during this year’s elections fearing that the PF  can manipulate the process.

Ng’oma says Mwaanga understands where things could go wrong having served in different government portfolios.

Mwaanga is today expected to report to Lusaka Central Police Station for questioning over his statement after two politicians Cosmo Mumba and Bowman Lusambo sponsored by the PF made complaints to the police.

The complain by the PF through Mumba and Lusambo clearly shows that the government plans to rig the elections and they are therefore trying to intimidate people from talking about the impending theft of votes. The intimidation of Mwaanga is meant to scare Zambians from talking about the rigging. It is therefore important for the opoosition to show solidarity with Mwamba by attending the police station together. This is a political matter and that is why the people making the complaints are politicians sponsored by the ruling party. Allowing the PF to harass Mwaanga alone will be to allow the PF through its police wing to intimidate anyone who may oppose the impending rigging.

As Ngoma told QFM,  it is important that all the political stakeholders ensure there is a model for tallying the results coming from all over the country so that the results will not be manipulated.

Ngoma said  all political parties and other stakeholders should be vigilant if the country is to have fair and acceptable elections.

He  said that the engagement of all the political parties is the only way the country can have free and fair elections and make it easy for them to accept defeat once they lose elections.


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