NGOs angry with PF supporters for insulting Siliya

NGOs angry with PF supporters for insulting Siliya

The Non-governmental Gender Organisations’ Coordinating Council (NGOCC), jointly with undersigned civil society organisations, condemn in the strongest terms the sexist and misogynistic attacks by named Patriotic Front (PF) members Messrs Muniri Zulu and Chanoda Ngwira against Information and Broadcasting Minister Hon. Dora Siliya in audio recordings that have gone viral on social media.

The statements made by Mr. Zulu and Mr. Ngwira insinuate that women, and Hon. Siliya in particular, can only function well when in a sexual relationship with a man. The sexist comments are not only disrespectful but an affront and an insult to womanhood. We have sadly noted that women are particularly susceptible to this kind of attack which aims at demeaning them in ways that men are rarely exposed to.

These statements are offensive to all women regardless of their political affiliation and must be condemned. It is these kind of sexist comments that continue to deter women from participating in leadership and other decision-making positions in Zambia, particularly politics.

It is saddening that the moral fabric of our society is being eroded by such disgruntled Zambian youths who now feel entitled to openly insult their own mothers. We find it unacceptable for cadres from the ruling party, or indeed any political party, to disrespect women in such a manner.
As civil society we demand that the Patriotic Front takes immediate action against their named members for disparaging women and publicly condemn these statements.

We also call upon the Republican President Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu, who has publicly declared his commitment to supporting women in leadership, to distance himself from such retrogressive male chauvinists.

We urge all political players to debate and discuss their differences in a more civil manner devoid of sexism and misogyny. As civil society and the women’s movement we advocate for an equal playing field based on issues rather than personal matters that are irrelevant to the political discourse. We believe that women, just like men, have an inherent right to participate in the political process of the country. We therefore call upon all citizens not to tolerate the sexual bullying of women in leadership by disgruntled elements.
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