NGOs are formed by failures and are serving foreign interests – Chikwanda

Government says Civil Society organisations are formed by people who have failed to make ends meet. Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda said this in Kitwe when he graced the Youth Day commemoration activities held at the Kitwe Playing Fields (KPF) under the theme ‘Zambia at 50, promoting mainstream for sustainable national

“People just rise one day and they form an organisation and they call it a civil society organisation for the purposes of living, most likely they have failed to make ends meet, they have never had anything that has made a contribution to the development of Zambia and probably this group they have formed is driven by external interest who provide the funding for them and then they think that only they themselves are entitled to have a view on Zambia,” Mr Chikwanda said.

He said it is morally unacceptable for a few civil society organisations to assume the role of constitution making on behalf of all Zambians.

Mr. Chikwanda said the PF government will not leave the role of enacting a new constitution to a few NGOs.

Mr Chikwanda said Government has a moral duty to play an active role in arriving at the next constitution.
He further said President Sata just like any other citizens of Zambia has an opinion on how best the process should be handled.
Nominated MP Chikwanda accused some NGOs pushing for the enactment of the new constitution of serving unknown foreign interests.
“Let me say this, Zambia is a common property for all of us, a child born a few minutes ago has the same stake in Zambia as President Sata. We are all stakeholders, therefore every Zambian is entitled to a view about the way Zambia is governed,” Mr Chikwanda said.

“We know that people would be entitled to views about the constitution but we do not accept that a few Zambians who have never even come to the electorate to seek a mandate should be allocated the right to speak for Zambians, they make themselves synonymous with the Zambians. It is morally unacceptable and implausible that a few individuals allocate themselves the right to speak for Zambians,’said Chikwanda, a nominated MP.

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