NGOs meet over Chiluba’s acquittal

Cathedral of the child Jesus

Cathedral of the child Jesus

The Consortium of 18 Civil Society Organizations will this afternoon (Friday) receive ideas from the public on how best to make sure that government appeals against the acquittal of former  president Fredrick Chiluba.

Consortium Spokesperson Sam Mulafulafu says  in a statement that the public meeting follows the frustration of the consortium by the police to carry out peaceful means of mounting pressure on Chiluba’s acquittal.

The meeting will be held at the Cathedral of the Child Jesus Youth Centre hall in Long-acres where  the consortium will launch a signature campaign against the acquittal of Chiluba who was charged with stealing money when he was president.

The signature campaign is expected to be spread across the country and all people  who wish to express their demand for the appeal against the acquittal of  Chiluba will participate by appending their signatures on the forms to be distributed

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