Ngwerere Police in-charge registers recovered stolen car in his name

A Police Officer-In-Charge of Ngwerere Police Station named Simfukwe has registered a Toyota Corolla that was recovered from criminals in his name.

The Toyota Corolla was recovered from criminals by Officers Ng’uni and Hampande of Kabangwe Police Post but Simfukwe as their boss decided to register it in his name.

“Kabangwe Police Post is under Ngwerere Police Station. Simfukwe has also stationed three (3) police officers named George Tembo, Mwebela and Lutangu respectively at Kabangwe Police roadblock to operate daily at night. These officers have been instructed by Simfukwe to collect money from motorists and give him K1000 on a daily basis thus enabling Simfukwe to build a huge mansion behind Kabangwe Police Post. As a result, he has even abandoned his role as supervisor because he is busy doing private projects,” sources within the Police service have disclosed.

Sources say Lusaka Division is well aware of this matter but whenever reports are made about his activities, he engineers the transfer of officers who report him.

Simfukwe sometimes shares the loot with people at Lusaka Division thus making it difficult for him to be brought to book.

As a consequence of this, officers don’t even bother to report for work but instead choose to go and do their personal things because they know their supervisor is busy with soliciting cash and doing private projects.

The case of Simfukwe, a former footballer in the Police Service is similar to that of former Copperbelt Police chief, Mary Tembo who converted a donated vehicle to personal use and is currently appearing in court for that.

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