Nigeria rejects another ambassador sent by Sata

Nigeria has rejected another envoy sent to that country by president Michael Sata.

Abuja has refused to recognise captain and give captain Selemani Mpangula Banda on the excuse that he has a criminal record.

Captain Mpangula, who currently exhibits signs of insanity, was in 1996 arrested by Fredrick Chiluba regime for treason. He was tortured in prison together with former president Kenneth Kaunda’s Bodyguard Maurice Kaulungombe during the ‘Black Mamba episode which was created by Chiluba and Sata to implicate KK.

This is the fourth appointee from Sata that Nigeria has refused to recognise.


After Mr Sata was elected President, he started a crusade of harassing Nigerians based in Zambia. He deported the Winners chapel pastor, the MD of Access Bank, The MD of Chilanga cement and many more ordinary Nigerians based in Zambia.

If you go to Nigeria today and the Nigerians realise you are a Zambian, the first questing they ask is “What`s wrong with your president? Is he MAD? Why does he hate Nigerians so much? These are the questions we get from ordinary Nigerians on the streets on Lagos.

The Nigerian Government as vowed to quietly deal with Sata and fix him real good because of Sata`s CASUS BELLI. They are also not happy with the way he is treating RB and dragging Nigeria in the whole nonsense.




1. After recalling Alexis Luhila, Sata appointed George Mpombo to be Zambia`s High Commissioner to Nigeria as a reward for betraying RB. However, The Nigerian Government did not accept George Mpombo and did not give him the EXEQUATUR and the excuse used was that he was facing corruption charges in Zambia. To save face, Sata appointed Mpombo to be Deputy High Commisioner to Nigeria. Of course Mpomba has since been recalled and he is now one of the harshest critic of Sata and his PF and he is facing a possible jail sentence.


2. After failing to get Mupombo accepted, Sata appointed Col Bizwayo Nkunika to be Zambia`s high commissioner to Nigeria. Nkunika was to be transferred from the UK mission. Sata was uncomfortable with Nkunika in London because he wanted to have a relative there who would not leak information whenever Sata visited London for medical treatment.

Nkunika was rewarded by Sata for betraying former president Rupiah Banda while he was PS and works and supply, he was involved in a number of corrupt deals and he was donating the proceeds of corruption to the PF when it was in opposition. The OP had warned RB but he didn’t believe the reports.

While waiting for clearance and exequatur from The Government of The Federal Republic of Nigeria, Nkunika was asked to come to Zambia and wait from Zambia because Sata was desperate to send a relative quickly to London due to his frequent medical visits to London.

The Government of The Federal Republic of Nigeria to did not clear Nkunika and never issued him with the exequatur and the reasons given are that Nkunika was once involved in criminal activities and he is a wanted sex offender in Nigeria for a case of rape case which he committed some years back while he was on duty in Nigeria. Nkunika is now home languishing and he is facing possible corruption charges and jail time.


3.In desperation, Sata appointed Captain Selemani Mpangula Banda to be Zambia’s high commissioner to The Federal Republic of Nigeria.

This Mpangula exhibits serious mental illness caused by injuries to his head as a result of torture while he was in detention for having been involved in Black Mamba activities during FTJs reign and Sata was number three in government hierarchy.


Strangely, this Captain Selemani Mpangula Banda seems to have a very close relationship with Sata and he has an open line to Sata and he boasts about it to everybody who cares to hear.

Mpangula was appointed First Secretory at the Zambian High Commission in Ghana. While in Ghana, he reined terror of fellow Embassy staff. He practically hounded Ambassador Cecil Holms from office and The deputy Ambassador Akupela.. He was insulting them because they were appointed during RB. Both Cecil Holms and Akupela have since been recalled.

Captain Mpangula would call Sata directly and make all sorts of accusation against Ambassador Holms and his Deputy while the two helplessly listened and watched. He made sure he called Sata in their presence and he made it known to them that he is fixing them.

As a reward for his loyalty, Sata appointed Mpangula as Deputy High Commissioner to Nigeria. Mpagula told everybody who cares to hear that his close friendship had paid off and now he was deputy Ambassador. This is the guy who writes directly to Sata and has no regard for the PS at Ministry of Foreign affairs.

After moving to Nigeria and two months later Nkunika was rejected, sata in his usual incompetent way of managing the country, He appointed Mpangula as Zambia`s high commissioner to Nigeria against all advise from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and OP. Mpangula wa not top of cloud nine and phoned everybody who cared to hear that he was now His Excellence the Ambassador and demanded to be respected and addressed as his Excellence forthwith.

Sources at State House say, while waiting for his clearance and the issuance of the exequatur, he had to leave Nigeria and come and wait from Zambia just like Nkunika did. Guess what, on this one the Nigerian Government did not even waste time, They have totally rejected him and reasons given are that he was involved in subversive activities and treason during black mamba and zero option. Cpt Mpangula and Sata feel humiliated. Sata quietly Demoted Mpangula back to Deputy high commissioner to Nigeria.

Zambia has not had an ambassador in Nigeria since Sata come to power and started harassing Nigerians. Sata has violated the entente, which existed for years between Zambia and Nigeria. Sata has to apologise to Nigeria for the two countries to have Detente otherwise Zambia will never have an ambassador in Nigeria, sources at State House have explained.

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