Nigerian drug kingpin arrested in Lusaka

A Nigerian drug kingpin who has been eluding the Zambia Anti-drug police has been arrested in the capital Lusaka.

Emmanuel Emefuna Okechukwu was arrested at Pick ‘N’ Pay Shopping Complex in Lusaka’s Woodlands residential area over the weekend.

Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) Spokesperson John Nyawali confirmed to the Watchdog that Okechukwu was arrested together with his fellow Nigerian Anayou Uzoeye after a long trail by the DEC.

Okechukwu was found with sachets of cocaine hidden in his socks while Uzoeye had hidden the cocaine in his car.

And the Drug Enforcement Commission has arrested eight people in separate incidences in Lusaka for trafficking in different quantities of Cocaine.

Among those arrested in Lusaka’s Chawama Township are three teenage Musicians who include a 16 year old girl for trafficking in eight sachets of cocaine.

The young musicians were arrested together with three other people who include a producer and a Taxi driver.

They were arrested from an identified Music studio in Chawama’s Kuomboka area after officers conducting a search in the studio where the cocaine was found.

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