Nigerian oil supplier puts minister Nkhuwa in pockets

Nigerian oil supplier puts minister Nkhuwa in pockets

Minister of Energy Mathew Nkhuwa has been accused of receiving huge kickbacks from a Nigerian company Othniel Brooks international Limited to facilitate prompt and full payment from government at the expense of other oil companies.

Othniel Brooks international Limited is one of the 8 companies that has been given contracts to Import and supply Petroleum Products to the Zambia government. Othniel Brooks international is headquartered in the Seychelles, a tax haven, but is owned by Nigerian crooks Ezinne Obioma Kanu and Ikoro-Ngadi Ugochukwu Chinyere plus an Irish conman Andrew Kearns.

The other oil suppliers are owed in excess of $800m by government and have stopped supplying new stock to government. But minister of Energy Nkhuwa, who is now regarded as the business development manager and debt collector for Brooks international has made sure that Brooks international is paid in full.

‘Othniel Brooks international is the only company supplying because it is the only company being paid by the Ministry,’ ministry sources told the Watchdog.

‘To further consolidate Othniel Brooks’ position, the Ministry through the influence of the Minister floated a selective tender in August and invited OB and 4 other little unknown companies to supply huge volumes of diesel and petrol. The 4 other suppliers have no capacity to deliver but were included merely to legitimize the tender process,’ ministry sources explained.

According to insiders, technocrats were literally coerced into facilitating the process by the minister and his agents. Despite that, Othniel Brooks offers the most expense prices compared to other side-lined suppliers.

Security officers who have put Nkhuwa on surveillance say the Minister is almost always seen wining and dining with the Directors of OB, enjoying his favourite Johnny Walker BLUE LABEL whiskey.

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