Nigerian pastor deported on silly grounds

The PF regime is in the process of deporting Pastor Augustine Oso Ebosele of Omega Fire Ministries in Lusaka.
Ebosele has been given 48 hours to exit Zambia not because he has committed and crime in Zambia or flouted any immigration rules but because he has been quarreling with his fellow church members, a pure private matter that does not involve government or the immigration.
PF regime Spokesperson Kampamba Mulenga announced that the conduct of Pastor EBOSELE has divided the OMEGA Fire Ministries into two parties. She if the Pastor continued staying in the country, the acrimony in Omega Fire Ministries could result into the breakdown and law and order. THIS IS ACTUALLY A GOVERNMENT MINISTER SAYING THIS?????
She says Pastor Ebesele was given 48 hours to leave the country, in accordance with the Immigration and Deportation Act number 18 of 2010.
We don’t know who this Ebesele character is but we find the reasons for his deportation ridiculous. Ebesele should simply go to the High and tell the court that he has done nothing that warrants him to be deported. These pente pente noise makers are always fighting over tithe and offering but why deport this one?


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    Chelsey 4 months

    The main reason why pf wants the preacher to be deported is very simple to understand. I’m 100 % sure that the guy refused to bribed to paint Lungu as an angel. Lungu’s ministers including himself are a disgrace to the entire world.They’re not fit to be politcians in a democratic country like Zambia. They’re lions terrorizing their preys day and night. Anyway, it is pf world, they’re free to target any person who doesn’t support their rotten policies. Disgusting!

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    Is that a real reason for deporting a prophet?.i guess there might be something else.if that is the case,did church members went to ask government intervention over the matter or maybe the government decided to act with a report??

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    Red Square 5 months

    The people to be deported are the Chinese,Indians and Lebanese.They are very corrupt lot.Leave the preachers to do their job.And who gave you the right to intervene in the internal church issues?

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    Jordan chulu 5 months

    Can someone, scrap this ministry, it’s just waste of money. This useless musumail, she is always traveling , never in the office like his boss chagwa. Scrap it, no wealth a ministry.,

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    Spy 5 months

    Isukulu lisuma