Nigerian president said to be unhappy with Sata for maligning Nigerian companies in RB case

Nigerian president said to be unhappy with Sata for maligning Nigerian companies in RB case


President Jonathan

Several sitting heads of African countries, diplomats and prominent personalities have reportedly been calling former president Rupiah Banda to give him moral support against his on-going persecution.

Sources in the diplomatic circles and senior PF government officials say a number of heads of states in Africa have also been calling president Michael Sata expressing their disappointment over his behaviour towards his predecessor, Mr. Banda, who they hold in high esteem for having easily and peacefully given up power without the usual bloody ending that is characteristic of many African countries.
The Watchdog understands that the Nigerian government is particularly incensed with the lack of diplomacy and respect towards their government as PF went ahead to malign Nigerian companies in fake stories before getting details from there.
Sources within the PF say Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan called president Michael Sata late Monday afternoon and expressed his shock and displeasure with the Zambian government conduct and lack of respect towards the Nigerian government and companies.
Reports also indicate that the Nigerian president basically blasted Mr. Sata that the US Dollars 2 million being complained about was fake and too small an amount that a single Nigerian businessman can easily repay it back if there was any truth.
Sources said former Deputy High Commissioner to Nigeria, George Mpombo was actually not recalled by the Zambian government but was actually chased from there by that government over his activities that were not in the interest good diplomatic relations between the two countries.
PF senior government officials say Mr. Mpombo was among those who was sent to Nigeria to sniff around information regarding some Nigerian companies that were doing business with the previous MMD Zambian government.
So far a Nigerian oil firm and Access Bank have been mentioned by the Zambian government authorities as among those that were doing corrupt deals with Rupiah Banda administration.
The Nigerian owned Access Bank is the one that gave former first lady Tandiwe Banda a loan to build a block of flats.
Sources said the Nigerian secret service officials have even given the PF government recorded tapes of the Zambian government officials investigations that went to that country and at no time did they link Mr. Banda to any shoddy deals.
Sources said the Nigerian officials investigations which even the Zambian government were given show that no money was actually paid to the Nigerian firm for supply of oil to Zambia.

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