Nigerian prophet says HH will win, another says if Lungu wins will die within 8 months

Nigerian prophet says HH will win, another prophet says Lungu may win but die after 8 months

Another Nigerian powerful prophet Elijah Johnson has prophesised that Hakinde Hichilema of the United party for National development will emerge victorious on presidential Elections.

Prophet Elijah says God loves Zambia and he can’t give it to someone who want to use the back door.

” Im seeing Zambia having a new president on the 20th
January 2015 with a man of integrity. Im seeing Hakainde Hichilema of the UPND winning the elections despite attempt of stealing votes from him, but
even though they steal votes he will still win the elections” prophet Elijah
prophesised. This prophecy comes barely after two weeks when another
reliable prophet of Malawi Austin Liambayi prophesised that HH will win
the Elections.

But another prophet by the name of joshua from Nigeria has
prophesised that Edgar Lungu will win the Elections’ but die after 8 months
because of his illness.

” Im seeing someone from the ruling party winning the elections but will die after 8 months just like his leader, his health is failing him and he will die” prophet Joshua said. He further said that he is seeing handing of power to the elected president to be difficult because people won’t accept the results.


A few weeks ago, the PF circulated lies that TB Joshua prophesied that Lugu would win but TB Joshua said that was blasphemy as he saw no drunkard in his vision.

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