Night life continues despite rising Covid deaths

Night life has continued in the capital Lusaka despite rising deaths and cases of the corona virus.


Zambia’s death toll arising from COVID 19 has continued to get grimmer by the day as the reach and spread of the disease unfolds.

The country has in the last 24hours recorded the highest number of fatalities at 14 in a single day since the outbreak in March.

The new cases in the last 24 hrs are 265 which has brought the cumulative figure to 6,228 since March.

Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary for administration, Kakulubelwa Mulalelo says of the 14 deaths, 10 were brought in dead, while four died at Levy Mwanawasa Hospital in Lusaka.

Ms. Mulalelo has admitted shortcomings in fighting the disease such as failure to observe contact tracing because so



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    Matt 6 days ago

    Revoke the license of those business that have chosen to ignore COVID safety guideline. It’s very selfish to only think about making money and having a good time without taking into account the consequences of their action is endangering the public at large. COVID should not be taken lightly or messed around with. It kills and its not a matter of if, it just a matter of when it does.

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    Muntu Bulyo 6 days ago

    The truth of the matter is that Zambians are indiscipline and unruly. They respect no regulations, laws and procedures. I do not know if Covid 19 is a blessing in disguise or a curse. For sure a majority of those that cannot discipline themselves and fail to follow guidelines will perish. It should be easy for all of us to follow guidelines that risk contracting a serious illness which can result in death.

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    Tatilalungu 7 days ago

    Chitalu sleeps with his PS and the leadership ignores that , , ministry of health is like Chitalu’s bedroom were he can do wat ever he wants , Ba Lungu wats going on u will come and remember all these things people have been telling u , Mabumba is not alone a lot of bosses in PF are doing the same sleeping around like the are not leaders, having 6 women  ca’s of the money the are making from ministry projects, and missions abroad, people are praying that something happens to serve the country