Nine bye-elections looming as Sata tells MMD MPs to resign

President Michael Sata has told MMD MPs who are serving as under minister in his regime to quit the MMD.

Sata met Keith Mukata for Chilanga, Richard Taima for Solwezi East, Josephine Limata, for Luampa, Patrick Chikusu for Katuba, David Phiri for Mkaika, Nicholas Banda for Kapoche, Elijah Muchima for Mwinilunga West, Patrick Ngoma for Feira and Forrie Tembo  for Nyimba.

The meeting was at State House and also in attendance was Stephen Masumba the new MP for Mufumbwe.

In the meeting, Sata told the MPS that they should resign now that Masumba has won the elction under PF. He assured them that they will all be adopted by PF.

George Chellah, Sata’s mouth-piece released a statement where he said a lot of stuff about development and related rhetoric.

But he also said that:

“During the meeting, the parliamentarians pledged their loyalty and support to the PF Government under the guidance of President Sata in working towards developing the country.’

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