Nine grade 12 pupils arrested over Sinzongwe riots miss exams

Nine grade 12 pupils from Maamba missed the first grade 12 examinations on Friday as they are detained by police following the riot that rocked the small mining town on October 2, 2013.

Seven boys and 2 girls all in grade 12 are among the 63 people who were arrested for riotous behavior.

The grade 12 examinations started last week but the nine are still detained in Choma hundreds of kilometers away. The pupils together with other accused persons will only be taken to court on October 19 by which time they would have missed the entire exams.

Parents of some of the detained pupils expressed concern that their children will waste 12 years of attending classes especially that they could be innocent as the police were just arresting whoever they came across.

On October 2, 2013, Sinazongwe residents ran amok destroying property, among them seven police houses and vehicles, after a woman who suspiciously went missing three weeks earlier was discovered dead in a sewer manhole with parts of her body maimed.

The residents accused police of not mishandling the investigations into the matter, which the residents link to ritual killing.

The police had detained a suspect but released him prompting residents to upraise on the day of the deceased woman’s burial.

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