Nkandu Luo should stop contaminating Zambia with her dirty, tribal mind

By Friday Kashiwa

All it takes is at least some seblance of personal and professional principles for someone not to allow himself or herself to be paraded and used, for political expediency, to divide and destroy our country, Zambia and contaminate it with a very strange tribal virus that we have never ever experienced, at least before PF came into Government.

But maybe that will be too much to ask from our Honorable Professor Nkandu Luo, MP for Munali and PF Minister of Livestock and Fisheries, as exhibited by her unprincipled, unprofessional, unwarranted and uncultured tribal remarks she made against our own beloved brothers and sisters, theTongas.

Nkandu Luo and I are members of the Chibesakunda Royal family and traditionally, as Princess Mumbi recently stated, we have no tribal inclinations apart from geographical boundaries. The good people of Chief Monze are as good as the good people of Chief Chibesakunda.
The good Kaonde people are as good as the good Bisas that we are, no wonder our late sister Mama Chibesa Ngona Chibesakunda was happily married to Timothy Kankasa from North Western Province and ended up assuming a renowned name of Mama Chibesa Kankasa. Until her death, Mama Kankasa embraced, preached and promoted the One Zambia, One Nation slogan.

So to hear those tribal diatribe and tantrums coming from Nkandu Luo is not only shocking but a shame to the ministry she presided over for so many years – The Ministry of Chiefs and Traditional affairs whose mandate is to promote and foster traditional and customs unity and values.
But did she manage to uphold those values while at that ministry? Ask Paramount Chief Chitimukulu.

Just a simple retrospective background check shows how Nkandu Luo, then as Minister of Chiefs Affairs publicly defamed, humiliated, tormented and mentally tortured Chanda Sosala, His Royal Highness, Paramount Chief Chitimukulu, to the extent of degazetting him on 8th May, 2013.
Reasons: unknown, perhaps personal and political glory.
Are these traditional values?

Nkandu Luo’s own young brother Bob Bwembya Luo is currently masquerading as Chief Chibesakunda having been irregularly installed without following the Bisas succession traditions and norms.
And Nkandu Luo, as Minister of Chiefs Affairs saw nothing wrong with this illegality..
Very far from traditional values.

So as a member of the Chibesakunda royal establishment and the Bisas in general we wish to distance ourselves from and condemn in strongest terms Hon Nkandu Luo’s tribal attacks towards the Tongas. That is her personal and probably her PF party’s agenda.

As Bisas, we work and coexist with other tribes both traditionally, socially and economically, and this trend will continue with or without Nkandu Luo.

Friday Kashiwa.
Great grandson to Sambamusweshi: Chief Chibesakunda 2

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    Jason 2 weeks ago

    Kikiki… Poor quality leader she is. She is Munali mp by fluke

  • comment-avatar

    That is ECL strategy,he has thrown all caution to the wind.The vow is HH will never take power from him.If Zambia be devided & be destroyed, its well as long as he remain president.But knowing what God does,when your time is up its up.

  • comment-avatar

    Friday Kashiwa: Just a small correction, it’s Henry Sosala and not Chanda Sosala who is his brother. Otherwise it’s a nice piece. I hope u hv been able to phone Nkandu Luo and put it to her that this is not on. Nkandu has always been a cantankerous person. Even at Microbiology academic conferences, she has been known to stir unnecessary controversy.

  • comment-avatar
    Power Buddy 3 weeks ago

    Who is acting tribal here? Just the fact that you introduce yourself as the grandson of chief blah blah blah says all. Why don’t you just say you are Zambian? 

    • comment-avatar
      zambia is ours 2 weeks ago

      Power Buddy,he introduced himself like that to show that he is a relative of Nkandu Luo, they both belong to the Chibesakunda chiefdom; but as a clan, they don’t share collectively in Nkandu Luo’s tribal thinking. To illustrate that, he has given an example of how Mama Chibesa Ng’ona Chibesakunda, a Bisa, got married to a Lunda of Northern Western Province and became popularly known as Mama Chibesa Kankasa or much more as Mama Kankasa! All the author is trying here is to absolve himself and other Chibesakunda’s from being labelled tribal like Luo, so he is in order!!

  • comment-avatar
    nineo 3 weeks ago

    There is no shame in pf so this is business as usual! She can even get a better job for being shameless. . . .

  • comment-avatar
    Ronald 3 weeks ago

    She is a disgrace and must be ashamed of herself.