Nkandu Luo’s rebellion against Catholic church

Nkandu Luo’s  rebellion against Catholic  church


By Friday Kashiwa


In any organization, whether corporate, faith based, Not for profit or other NGOs, Social or other volunteer clubs as well as political parties, there are or there ought to be some basic guidelines, rules and regulations for the smooth running, operations and existence of such organizations.

The Catholic Church is such an example of an honorable and organized institution where membership discipline is the driving force behind it’s many years of existence.
And this discipline entails respecting and recognizing the leadership hierarchy of the Church.

Therefore it is very disheartening and morally and religiously disgusting and a disgrace to see some church members, drunk with political power and probably drunk from parliament motel to start disparaging, disrespecting and disapproving the collective stance taken by the highest hierarchy of the Catholic family – The Bishops.

From time immemorial, whenever the Catholic Bishops issue a pastoral letter, it is hugely representative and largely viewed as a feedback and consensus from all the congregants, parish-wise and countrywide.
The most and widely rejected Bill 10 is a typical example of a united pastoral voice of reason by all the Bishops and congregants.

So why should we have a very small group of about 4 organizationally indisciplined people, with no official mandate to speak on behalf of the Church start to take an antagonist and arrogant approach to that of the anointed and God appointed representatives of the masses – The Bishops.

The Catholic Church, from time immemorial has purposely complimented the Bishops and Priests pastoral duties and have operated side by side with other well structured and disciplined associations and lay groups like;
The Council of Catholic Women.
The Council of Men & Youths.
The Catholic Women league.
The Professional Catholic Associations.
Teretiary etc.

All the above groupings have all along been faithfuly loyal and solidly behind the guidance and leadership of the Bishops.
So why should the little known and politically aligned Associations of the Catholic Parliamentarians be allowed to bring confusion and division into the so much respected and non political faith based organization of the Catholics.

If there is no discipline for the established hierarchy in the PF party, the best we can do is to ask for prayers and deliverance for the members of the the so called Association of the Catholic Parliamentarians.
In Jesus name we pray.
Leave the Bishops alone.

Friday Kashiwa..

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    Catholic believes in peace and justice,lt pains you coz you can’t bribe them.bill 10 is favoring you not poor souls,us you re searching for marriage ask the same bishops to pray 4 you

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    Mutambe Prince 2 weeks ago

    Useless article laced with hate. Who does not know this buffoon called kashiwa, bares Nkandu Luo a grudge. Journalist from the gutter, you will not rule Mutambe.

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    James bond 007 2 weeks ago

    Black widow. Look at her. No shame at all.