Nkandu Luo’s trick fails as grade 12 requirement haunts her

Nkandu Luo’s trick fails as grade 12 requirement haunts her



With credible reports that she does not posses a grade 12 or form 5 certificate, ‘professor’ Nkandu Luo has embarked on a resignation hoax to force the PF to adopt her.

After realising that she has been discarded in Munali in preference for president Edgar Lungu’s escort girl Mumbi Phiri, Luo has devised a trick of pretending that she is about to resign and either join UPND or Miles Sampa’s party.

In the past two days, Luo has directed her few supporters to flood facebook with ‘rumours’ that she has quit her ministerial position and resigned from PF and joined UPND. Some of the messages were even sent to ZWD by her supporters hoping we couldn’t see through the plot.

The plan was to make the PF panic and adopt her so that she does not defect to the opposition just like Obviuos Mwaliteta and Keith Mukata.

After realising that she has pushed the trick to far and that the PF is unconcerned with her threats since she has no influence anyway, she has issued a statement accusing the UPND of creating the rumour.



“This is sponsored propaganda. They have done everything to frustrate me but failed. They continue saying I have done nothing in Munali and claim that I have failed as a Member of Parliament,” Luo said.


She even accused the UPND of feigning popularity.



“We know the tricks. They bus people, flood areas with their party materials and create a sense of artificial popularity. we saw those tricks with MMD.”


There are reports that Luo does not have a grade 12 certificate or form 5 certificate as it was called during the time Luo should have obtained one.

It is believed that after form 3, Luo’s uncle and elderly citizen Mwela Chibesakunda organized a scholarship for her to study in UK.

While in UK, Luo had two named men writing her assignments.


UPND insiders say they will definitely be welcoming credible MPS from PF but Luo is not one of them as she will add no value.


The UPND is boasting that they have received more applicants for

Munali than PF so do not need a no-performer like Luo who has been rejected by her own party.

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