Nkole refutes Watchdog story on dismisal of Police Commissioners

Ministry of Home Affairs Permanent Secretary Mr. Maxwell Nkole has refuted claims in a news story published by the Zambian Watchdog suggesting that former Commissioners of Police Ms. Brenda Muntemba and Mr. Antonneil Mutentwa have been fired for saying yes to the UPND rally which was held on Sunday.

Mr. Nkole said in a statement made available by Ministry of Home Affairs Spokesperson that the story was not only false but also misleading.

He said the truth of the matter is that only Mr. Mutentwa had his contract terminated while Ms. Muntemba has been transferred to Cabinet Office.

The Permanent secretary revealed that the contract of Mr. Mutentwa, who was Commissioner in charge of Administration, was terminated to allow him continue running his private security company based on the Copperbelt so as to avoid a possible conflict of interest with his appointment as Commissioner.

He stated that as of Ms. Muntemba who was in charge of Operations, her contract with government still stands except that her chore duties will be defined by Cabinet Office.

The two senior officers have since been communicated to through correspondences over this development.

We urge the media to be factual and objective in their reporting unlike basing their reporting on rumours or false information as this is not only unethical but a danger to media practices.

According to The Zambian Watchdog sources at police headquarters said that the two senior police officers had been fired for saying yes to the UPND rally which was held yesterday.

The sources said the two had been against blocking of political rallies by the PF regime.

Editor’s note:

Wait for the Watchdog response in due course

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