Nkombo and all UPND detainees in L/stone released

All the people that were recently arrested and charged for murder in Livingstone have been released in what sources say the has entered a nolle proseque.

Among those released include Mazabuka UPND member of parliament Garry Nkombo.

And UPND cadres have taken-over the streets of Livingstone in celebration to their released colleagues.

Sources say Mazabuka MP is waving to the people in the streets that have been jammed by UPND cadres who have have defied police instructions not to celebrate.

The Watchdog recently published a detailed report of what happened to the PF cadre, Henry Chanda, who was allegedly killed by fellow PF member Harry Lungu at the PF camp.

There were attempts by the PF to implicate the UPND in the murder over the death that happened at the PF camp.

See a detailed report from a whistle-blower here. 

More details and pictures soon.

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