Nkoya Chief Moomba dumped in hospital, neglected

The PF government has been accused of neglecting Chief Moomba of the Nkoya people of Kazungula district in Southern province who has not been well for some time and was dumped in Livingstone General hospital since December last year after he was attacked by stroke for the second time.

Chief Moomba’s relatives have complained that since the traditional leader got admitted to the Hospital, there has been very little help that he has received from government especially from the district and provincial leadership, except the medical expenses that are being paid as an entitlement.

According to the chief’s relatives, neither the provincial minister Nathaniel Mubukwanu, provincial permanent secretary Sibanje Simuchoba nor Kazungula district commissioner Pascalina Musokotwane has ever visited him to try and understand the chief’s other needs. They said that they are further disappointed that the President was recently in Southern province but never showed any concern.
The situation has raised concern among the relatives and that of the traditional leader’s sons and daughters.
They explained that from the time that the Chief was admitted, the situation was much better but his condition has become deplorable in
the last four days.

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