Nkoya Royal Establishment refuses to allocate land to Angolan refugees

The Nkoya Royal Establishment in Kaoma district of Western province are slackening in allocating land to over 7, 000 former Angolan refugees at Mayukwayukwa refugee camp who have opted to stay in Zambia.

In an interview, Kaoma Nkoya Royal Establishment spokesperson of Mwene Mutondo palace, Mwanashihemi Jackson Mahepo said that the chiefdom could only manage to accommodate about 2, 000 from the total number of 7, 000 former Angolan refugees who are currently at the camp about 75 kilometres away from Kaoma Township.
Mr Mahepo said the remaining number of the refugees should be given land elsewhere in the country and not in Kaoma district.
He complained that at the moment the number of different tribes especially the Luvales and Mbundas were on the increase in the district adding that these tribes usually defeats the Nkoyas when it comes to electing parliamentary representatives in all the three constituencies of the district.
Mr Mahepo said refugees may become more active in politics than nkoyas as they are scattered and have illegally settled in areas such as Luampa, Mbanyutu, Nabowa and Nkeyema threatening the peace of the indigenous Nkoyas as they are already few in the district.
The spokesperson said giving land to the former Angolans will also exacerbate the political tension that is prevailing in the district where other tribes are always dominating the Mankoyaland on the expense of the local nkoyas who were supposed to govern themselves properly.
Mr Mahepo has since appealed to government to ensure that the former Angolan refugees at Mayukwayukwa refugee camp are shared properly as a country not all of them be left in Kaoma alone.
And PF Kaoma district chairman, Yuvwenu Kashandola said the nkoya speaking people in Kaoma have already discussed the issue of integrating the former refugees at Mayukwayukwa that the district has run out of land that could accommodate them.
Mr Kashandola said government should just repatriate the Angolans to their country of origin as they run away from war and that at the moment there is peace in that country.
He said the nkoyas will have no objections in allocating land to those married to Zambians and their children but the rest should get back to their country because they came as refugees.
The status of Angolan refugees in Zambia came to end on June 30, this year.

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