Nkoyas crown and proclaim their own paramount chief, want Lozi chiefs out

Nkoyas crown and proclaim their own paramount chief, want Lozi chiefs out

Chief Mutondo has been declared paramount chief of Nkoyas

The Nkoya Royal Establishment in Kaoma district of Western Province has declared Chief Mutondo of the Nkoya speaking people as their paramount chief in Kaoma today.

Crowning the medal on Chief Mutondo, Chief Kangombe of Kabompo district said that the medal was delivered to him (Mutondo) by King George V1 (6) of England between 1941 and 1947 for being among the four paramount chiefs.

Chief Kangombe said the crown of chief Mutondo was unfortunately stamped outby the Barotse Royal Establisnment leadership.

The crowning ceremony that took place around 11:45 at Marks Villa Lodge was witnessed by Chiefs Kabulwebulwe of Mumbwa, Momba of Kazungala, Kahare of Njonjolo in Kaoma, and Lukulu district chiefs Nyati, Fututu, Njungu and Prince Yungana including their retainers.
Also present  were members from the National and district committees, Kashandola Yuvwenu among others.
“From today the 8th of April 2012, at Marks Villa lodge in Mankoya (Kaoma district), Chief Mutondo is now the Paramount Chief of the Nkoya speaking people,” declared chief Kangombe.
Chief Kangombe said all appointed Lozi chiefs imposed on Nkoyas in Sesheke, Kabompo, Kaoma, Lukulu and Kazungula districts respectively should leave the areas so that the Nkoyas could rule themselves amicably.
The Chief has since appealed to President Michael Sata to accept and speed up the creation of an 11th Kafue province so that Western province is left alone adding that the boundary for Mankoya district should start from the Zambezi River.
Chief Kangombe said the creation of the Mankoya district in Kafue province would accelerate development and improve the governance systems in the country.

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