Nkoyas raise money for detained Barotse activists

Nkoyas raise money for detained Barotse activists

Nkoyas of Kaoma are reported to have shown a rare act of solidarity by mobilizing and donating money to the arrested 15 activists of over ZMK 3.5million (USD 700.00 ) which they hope to use to buy food and mattresses for the detained as conditions under which the detained are deplorable, according to BarotsePost

Meanwhile, hundreds of Kaoma residents are reported to have flocked to the Kaoma prisons to show support and give encouragement to the detained to soldier on as the fight for Barotseland total independence is a just cause that cannot be stopped.

Last week the Zambia police arrested 12 Barotse activists reported to have participated in the tearing of 500 copies of Zambia’s draft constitution that were reportedly “imposed” on Barotseland in spite of the citizens of the latter making it clear to Zambian authorities in Barotseland that they were not interested in their (Zambia’s) constitution making process.

Three were later arrested earlier this week making total of arrested so far to 15. Other activists are still wanted by the Zambian Police

Some of those arrested have been named as:

  • Liseli Lingolwe 24,

    PF trustee Sam Mukupa tearing draft constitution while Sata apporves

  • Crispin Mulonda 44,
  • Mushokabanji Wamuwi 24,
  • Mutawa Pumulo 25,
  • Morgan Lubinda 42,
  • Munyinda Munukayumbwa 18,
  • Pumulo Silumesi 26,
  • Mashato Sihanda 36,
  • Robert Kalezhi 34,
  • Wakunguma Mulope 32,
  • Inambao Mwananyabe 26,
  • Mwiya Aungola 36,
  • Sinonge Lutangu and two others whose names we are yet to confirm.

The 15 Barotse activists who were arrested by police in Mongu district last week have pleaded not guilty to two counts of malicious damage of property and conduct likely to breach peace.

They appeared in court today before Kaoma Magistrate Exobious Zulu in Kaoma district of Western province.

Meanwhile, the accused were not only moved to Kaoma Prison from Mongu Central Prison but have also been denied bail.

In the first count, they are charged with destroying 113 copies of the Zambian draft constitution valued at K655, 400 contrary to section 335 of the penal code cap 87 of the laws of Zambia while in the second count they are charged with conduct likely to cause a breach of peace contrary to section 278 of the penal code cap 87 of the Zambian laws.

Magistrate Zulu has adjourned the matter to 26th and 27th September, 2012 for mention and October 4th and 5th for commencement of trial.

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