Nkrumah University blocks students from writing exams

Nkrumah University blocks students from writing exams

I don’t know how concerned our Government is with higher education. The CBU has been closed for almost 4 months, and now Students at Kwame Nkrumah university are denied to do their practical exams and write their theory exams which commerce on Monday.

The management released the memorundum this evening informing students that those with balances will not be accorded an opportunity to write exams. We did not expect such a policy to be Stipulated and implemented, especially in this bitting economy. As it is well known, the majority of the students at this institution are children of middle class people (farmers, civil servants and other poor Voters), parents were only able to pay in instalments as it is almost impossible for a middle class parent to raise approximately K7 000 every term. However with this policy i don’t know how many children of farmers,civil servants and other poor Voters will be able to complete their Higher education.

At the moment, Students still can’t believe they have been denied to deliver their accademic pregnancies (write exams) as some of them who have slim balances its their year of completion, hence Not allowing them to write exams is tantamount to aborting a child on the day of giving birth.

However, This disappointment may result in students reacting in unpleasant way as they would want their cry to be heard, and the only way to be easily looked at is by demonstrating, and it’s the same government that will tame this as riotous behavior,hence unnecessary closures of institutions.

I am humbly requesting the Government through the ministry of Education to look into the matter before the situation goes out of hand. Students are angry with the decision that the Kwame Nkruma University has made.
Remember “an angry mind hears no voice”.

Arthur Zulu.

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