‘Nkunika connived with Nigerian to swindle Zambia mission in UK out of £60, 000’

Am an undercover Zambian citizen living in the UK discussed to know that the recent reshuffles at the UK Zambian high commission are based of the usual Michael Sata hiring and firing.
Well there is more to that story which is in circulation and known to the community of Zambians here in the UK.
A scandal has been discovered involving Col. Nkunika and a Nigerian employed to carry out renovations at the high commissioner’s residence. What was supposed to be a job costing just under £2000 was presented and approved by Col. Nkunika costing just over £60, 000 a thing that raised eye brows within the Zambian mission ranks and to avoid a scandal, this was reported to state house and silently Col. Nkunika transfers to Nigeria and even explain Mrs. Fundanga’s transfer to China as obviously being deputy is a possible partner in crime.
How this scandal has gone unnoticed disgusts me and Zambians should know the whats behind some of these diplomatic appointment which are clearly not for Zambian’s interests.

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