No apologies to GBM

Defence minister Geoffrey Bwalya  Mwamba (GBM) is a big fool. Let’s hasten to say here that calling someone a ‘fool’ is not an insult, according to the Post newspaper. It’s a description. Even the bible describes  fools as fools.

On Tuesday, Mwamba said he will, after 7 days, send security forces against the Watchdog if we do not retract revelations that he and other relatives running the PF regime went to visit president Sata in UK.

Mwamba does not need to wait for seven days. He can mobilise the army and police today and send them against what he sees as Zambia’s enemy number one: the Watchdog.

For the truth is this: We shall not apologise to Mwamba. We shall retract nothing. Not even a comma.

What we wrote is true, accurate and precise. It was nothing but the truth; the whole truth.

In fact, Mwamba himself confirmed unwittingly that he visited president Sata in London. He just did not disclose the truth because he is a liar.

Apart from being unschooled, Mwamba has no wisdom.

Imagine a Zambian minister of defence saying Manchester is in London? It’s like saying Kitwe is in Lusaka.

Manchester University is in Manchester city some 300 kilometres from London. Yet Mwamba and Alexander Chikwanda went to their son’s graduation ceremony at Manchester University in London?

That is why they say, when you tell a lie, you must tell another lie to cover the first lie.

Maybe that is why Alexander Chikwanda who is educated did not say anything. He must have been embarrassed by the nonsense being uttered by the ‘bigger’ man.

If Mwamba does not  know something as simple as the difference between London and Manchester which can easily be checked, does he know the difference among Zambia Airforce, Zambia army and Zambia National Service? or does he know the difference between a police station and army base? We seriously wonder.

And by the way, the fact that the defence minister and Finance minister went as family to a graduation ceremony of their child, does that not fortify the already known fact that Zambia is now run by a closed knit family?

Is this not nepotism? And is nepotism not corruption?

Mwamba and Alexander Chikwanda are the two most senior minister in the PF regime, since Guy Scott is neither respected nor recognised. Whenever president Sata leaves the country, Chikwanda or Mwamba acts as president.

So why is it that at the time the head of Sate left the country, the two acting presidents also left the country for a graduation ceremony?

Mwamba should not insult the intelligence of Zambians. Anyone with a working brain can tell that whatever Mwamba and Chikwanda went to do in London was much more important than going to give flowers to a student.

It must be very ease going and simple to run the PF government. If the minister of defence and Finance can take two weeks at the same time the president is out to go and attend a graduation ceremony, then the country is on auto pilot.

And when Finance minister Chikwanda was buying flowers for his nephew’s graduation in Manchester, was it not the same time parliament was debating to change the name of the ministry of Finance?

Can a minister be more irresponsible?

And Mwamba should not push this too far. It might just work against what he is trying to hide and he will get the blame.

Mwamba does not know where we get our information from and what we may scan and publish here can just shock him.

We know why Mwamba hates us and wants to use the army and police. He has personal reasons to fight us. It has to do with earlier revelations we made that his daughter, a drug user and illiterate like he, has been given a job at the High Commission in Namibia.

That is what makes Mwamba so mad with us. It’s not his love for president Sata. Its for himself. He just wants to hide behind the story about Sata to use public resources to fight personal battles.

There are so many things Mwamba can do with the army. Since there is no war in Zambia and soldiers are just idling, he can mobilise them to clean the garbage in Zambia which has become mountains from the time PF took over.

Or Mwamba can make hiself useful by stopping the corruption in the recruitment of soldiers. These are the things that will endear him to voters. He will get no marks by fighting the Watchdog.

He is the one who is supposed to be coordinating the so-called skills training for school levers since he is in charge of Zambia National Service. But alas, it looks like he does not even know that there is such a project.

Maybe he just read on the Watchdog while in Manchester of London?

There are thousands of negative things we can write about Mwamba starting from his elephant stomach to lack of education and wife battering record, but we feel that he is not worthy it. He is a fool who does not deserve our time. He is a financialy rich but socially poor man.

But we are happy that the PF government recognises our work. If Mwamba says the Watchdog tells the world about Zambia, we are very happy about this. This is our objective and mission. This is why we created the Watchdog. We are happy that the PF government has given us 100 per cent marks on achieving our objectives.

If the secretary General of the ruling party and the man in charge of our soldiers can take turns to talk about us, then excuse us for growing big headed and thinking that we are important.

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